Labour student chief resigns over ‘Hitler was Jewish’ and Israel-ISIS tweets

Labour student chief resigns over ‘Hitler was Jewish’ and Israel-ISIS tweets

Series of homophobic and anti-Semitic slurs made online has forced newly-elected Manchester Labour student leader to stand down

Jewish student representatives have welcomed the resignation of the newly-elected co-chair of Manchester Labour Students, after he claimed “Hitler was Jewish” and compared Israel to the Islamic State terrorist group.

In a series of homophobic and anti-Semitic comments on social media, revealed last week, Tayyib Nawaz, a psychology student at Manchester Metropolitan University, said he’d “slap” his children if they supported women’s or LGBT rights.

Tayyib Nawaz4Tayyib Nawaz5
Last year, he said it was “an irony” that “the same victims of the Holocaust are now murdering and ethnically cleansing Palestinians”. Elsewhere he compared Israel to the Nazis and said “there were approximately 150,000 Jewish SS who personally were involved in the holocaust,” adding: “Hitler was Jewish himself.”

A year earlier, he claimed an “automatic win” when debating an Israeli, because his opponent “used the Holocaust card”.

A spokeswoman for the Union of Jewish Students said: “We were seriously concerned to see the numerous anti-Semitic social media posts, alongside other offensive posts that he made.

“Comments using anti-Semitic tropes, Holocaust inversion and offensive language have no place in campus discussions and certainly not in in the Labour Party, which purports to be a party of anti-racism in all forms.”

Screenshots of Tayyib Nawaz’s tweets:

Tayyib Nawaz2 Tayyib Nawaz3 Tayyib Nawaz6

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