Labour shadow minister sorry for sharing ‘antisemitic conspiracy’ in 2015

Labour shadow minister sorry for sharing ‘antisemitic conspiracy’ in 2015

Afzal Khan says he was 'mortified' after it was brought to his attention ,that text under a social media post referred to 'mass-murdering Rothschilds crime syndicate'

Afzal Khan
Afzal Khan

Labour’s shadow immigration minister Afzal Khan has apologised for sharing “an antisemitic conspiracy” on Facebook in 2015, saying he was “mortified”.

Now an MP, Azfal shared the video when he was a Member of the European Parliament. It showed Jewish American comedian and TV host Jon Stewart talking about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

However, underneath the caption read: “Israel-British-Swiss-Rothschilds crime syndicate” and “mass-murdering Rothschilds Israeli mafia criminal liars”.

When alerted to the underlying text, Khan said: “I am mortified and sincerely sorry about this genuine accident. I didn’t read the text below, which contained an anti-Semitic conspiracy about the Rothschilds. I would never have shared it if I had seen that.”

North West Friends of Israel co-chair Raphi Bloom said the conspiracies about the Rothschilds was “a well-known antisemitic trope about Jews dominating the world… I think it is disgraceful and I would like to see action”.

Khan is well-known throughout the north-west for his interfaith work, including co-founding the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester, but recently drew anger by saying Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was “the target of a relentless smear campaign, orchestrated by the wealthy establishment”.

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