Labour launch new investigation into alleged anti-Semitism at Oxford

Labour launch new investigation into alleged anti-Semitism at Oxford

Justin Cohen is the News Editor at the Jewish News

The Labour Party has launched a fresh investigation into allegation of anti-Semitism at the Oxford University Labour Club, writes Justin Cohen.

Labour Students confirmed on Friday that it had completed its probe several days earlier and passed its findings to the party, although the results haven’t yet been published.

But now Baroness Jan Royall, who served as shadow Leader of the House of Lords until last year, has been appointed to head a new probe in what is being seen as an escalation of the enquiry by Labour. The party had previously backed the Labour Students probe and vowed “robust action”.

The Daily Telegraph reported earlier in the week that two senior activists were being investigated in the wake of claims of harassment and intimidation of Jewish students. Both deny the allegations. 

A enquiry was launched after Alex Chalmers, an undergraduate at Oriel College, resigned as co-chairman of the club claiming a large proportion of members “have some kind of problem with Jews”, and the university’s Jewish Society published a list of allegations subsequently. 

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “Allegations relating to the conduct of individual Young Labour party members have been received by the Labour Party. 

“The Labour Party is now conducting an investigation. Baroness Jan Royall has been appointed to lead this investigation.”

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