Kirstie Trup’s dad thanks community for ‘uplifting’ support

Kirstie Trup’s dad thanks community for ‘uplifting’ support

Katie and Kirstie before the attack.
Katie and Kirstie before the attack.

The father of one of the north London teenagers attacked with acid in Zanzibar has paid tribute to the Jewish community   for its “uplifting” support.

Katie and Kirstie's pupils pictured this week, with some of their get well soon cards.
Katie and Kirstie’s pupils with some of their get well soon cards.

Kirstie Trup and Katie Gee, both 18, are recovering after being attacked on a volunteering holiday on the African island.

Marc Trup told the Jewish News: “The community has been beyond fantastic. It’s very uplifting for all of us, and especially the girls, to receive so many messages of support.”

He added: “ Kirstie has been progressing well this week. She’s now visiting the Chelsea and Westminster as an out-patient for the long term management of her injuries.”

Marc also expressed pride in his daughter after both she and Katie secured places at university.

His daughter will study history at Bristol, while Katie will study sociology at Nottingham. He said: “It was lovely to see both girls achieve their chosen first places at university. Their hard work and commitment certainly paid dividends. We are really proud of Kirstie.”

Nobody has yet been charged for the attack on the pair on 7 August. Men on mopeds on the Indian Ocean island threw battery acid on the best friends from north London, for reasons still unknown.

It is understood that the assailants pulled up alongside the two girls as they walked through the streets of Stone Town, the old part of the island’s capital, Zanzibar City.

One is believed to have smiled and nodded, at which point another man riding on the back threw acid over the teenagers’ faces, chests and hands. Katie sustained the most serious injuries.

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