JW3 launch: five of the best upcoming events

JW3 launch: five of the best upcoming events


From kvetching to sketching and everything in between, we pick out five of our favourite upcoming events from the huge JW3 launch programme.[divider]

1. It started here: Introduction to Jewish graphic novelists & Jewish comics.

               Wednesday 2 October, 6-7.30pm

               £12.50 (launch season offer)

From the birth of icons like Superman and Captain America to modern explorations of the legacy of the Holocaust in Maus, the link between Jews and comics is an incredibly rich and productive one. Join artist and writer Sarah Lightman for an introduction to the history and significance of Jewish comic narrative and get ready to plan, write and draw your own comic strip for this interactive session![divider]

2. Ronna & Beverly

               Monday 30 September, 7.30pm and 9.30pm


Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin‘s cult talk show travels from LA to London for this very special appearance at JW3. A character-driven self-help chat show hosted by two 50-something Jewish mothers with a book to plug ( the amazingly-titled “You’ll Do A Little Better Next Time: A Guide To Marriage & Re-Marriage for Jewish Singles“), you can expect advice, laughs and celebrity guests (Jon Hamm, Ricki Lake and Russell Brand have all appeared previously) in what is sure to be an early bar-setter for comedy at JW3.[divider]


3. Flash Bang – Flash Fiction Writing Workshop

               Sunday 20 October, 12-5 pm


Tania Hershman, writer-in-residence  in the Science Faculty at Bristol University, leads this workshop on flash fiction – the art of condensing a story into its shortest possible form. One for the Twitter addicts, already used to cramming in as much information as possible into a short space, and those looking to engage with one of the most exciting and modern trends in contemporary fiction.[divider]


4. Isy Sutti presents ‘The Three Amigos’

               Monday 25 November, 8.30 pm


The multi-talented comedian, writer and musician Isy Sutti (Peep Show, Shameless) introduces  John Landis‘ 1987 comedy  The Three Amigos as part of JW3‘s Misogynist Film Club, described as “a feminist celebration of the terrible portrayal of women in cinema”. It’s an intriguing set up made all the more tempting with the promise of witty, insightful commentary from one of our favourite British comedians working today and a truly stellar cast of Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short.[divider]


5. The Perfect Roast

               Sunday 27 October, 11am-2.30 pm


It was awfully hard to pick just one thing from the many mouth-watering cookery courses taking place at the Demonstration Kitchen over the next few months but we’ve plumped for a promise of “the perfect British roast” from Amy Beilin and Lindsey Bennett, AKA Kosher Roast, the pop-up kosher food specialists taking London’s Jewish community by storm. The best part? Reward all your hard work by chowing down at the end of the workshop – what better way to spend a Sunday?

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