Video: Woman “attacked” by herd of baby goats on Jewish farm

Video: Woman “attacked” by herd of baby goats on Jewish farm

Goat Attack
Goat Attack

No kidding! This was the moment an animal lover was knocked over by a small herd of baby goats at a Jewish-run farm in Connecticut, writes Sally Patterson.

The young woman, who was visiting Adamah Farm, part of the Isabella Jewish Retreat Center, was caught on camera by a friend while she jokingly played with a black and white kid.

As she waltzed around, holding the baby animal’s front legs and giggling, other baby goats began to surround her, obviously impressed by her dancing skills.

Goat Attack
Goat scrum: The woman is bowled over at Adamah Farm

The woman exclaimed ‘Hi! Hi!’ as more goats appeared, before collapsing into a fit of giggles as she fell over backwards.

The fluffy intruders then appear to climb on top of the woman, jumping over one another and nuzzling her hair and face until she is no longer visible to the camera.

As more goats join the scrum, she calls out: “I got goat-landed!”, while her friend cries out: “Somebody make them stop, they’re so soft!”

Adamah Farm, located in Falls Village, Connecticut, provides a “summer vacation in the Berkshires that is affordable, family-friendly, and eco-conscious”.

Torah Yoga and pickle-making are some of the many activities offered by the centre, which also provides Kosher meals and Talmud study.

Farm visitors are however advised to handle their fluffy friends with “kid gloves”!

Watch the YouTube video below!

[youtube id=”srrHgqsJxQ8″ width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

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