Jordanian parliament honours Palestinian terrorists

Jordanian parliament honours Palestinian terrorists

Screenshot from channel 10

Jordan’s parliament honoured the terrorists that killed five Israelis on Tuesday 18 November, after MP Khaled Hussein al-Atta requested to read a prayer from the Quran in their memory.

After initially posting a message on his facebook page to support the honouring of the two terrorists, other MPs joined in their support.

The translation on channel 10 news, said the following remarks were made in Parliament:

“Regarding the martyrs who bombed and murdered Zionists, I’m asking the respected parliament to stand up and to read the al-Fatiha [verse from the first chapter of the Quran] to glorify their pure souls and the souls of all the martyrs in the Arab and Muslim nations.”

Despite this, Jordan’s government spokesman Mohammad Al-Momani said, “Jordan condemns an attack on any citizen and condemns all acts of violence and terrorism that hurt civilians, whatever their origin.”

Jordan and Israel have experienced increasingly strained relations over tension in Jerusalem, but King Hussein has committed to their long term peace deal.



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