HMD launched with unveiling of moving survivor portraits

HMD launched with unveiling of moving survivor portraits

Joan Salter
Joan Salter
 Artist Joan Salter's plans series of moving survivor portraits
Artist and child survivor Joan Salter, speaking to a group of students

Plans for Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 were launched with the unveiling of a series of “moving portraits” of survivors of genocide.

Joan Salter, a child survivor of the Holocaust and one of those depicted in among those featured in the enigmatic pieces, told an audience at the Wiener Library that the upcoming 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz will see the most extensive commemorations to date.

However, she said: “I, like every other victim and survivor of a genocide, do not need an official date in the calendar to remember.” Acclaimed artist Jean Jullien designed a ‘Keep the memory alive’ logo to mark the Day.

The Holocaust memorial Day Trust, which produced the portraits, unveiled resources for school assemblies and lessons including life stories of people affected by the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

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