JNF chairman blasts British Jews who ‘unjustifiably’ criticise Israel

JNF chairman blasts British Jews who ‘unjustifiably’ criticise Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

By Joe Millis

The JNF chairman has launched a scathing attack on “irresponsible and unjustified” communal leaders who criticised the democratically elected Israeli government, claiming he spoke for the “vast majority” of British Jews.

JNF's Samuel Hayek
JNF’s Samuel Hayek

Speaking before Israeli Justice Minister Tzippi Livni addressed a JNF meeting last week, Samuel Hayek said the organisation had “stood shoulder-to-shoulder through the good times and the difficult; first helping to establish the state and in the past 66 years helping in the miracle of developing Israel into a modern, vibrant country.”

And, he added: “One of JNF’s main objectives has always been to act as the glue that binds Anglo-Jewry to the state of Israel… As supporters of Israel, we face a well-funded and well-organised aimed at delegitimising the Jewish state.

“Many of you may have read my views about Israel in the press. Many of you may have your own views about Israel and its politics. But I know that I speak for the vast majority of British Jews when I say that it is not for our community leaders to openly criticise the elected government of Israel.

“Let me be clear, it is both irresponsible and unjustified to criticise Israel and its government from the comfort of our homes in London.”


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