Jewish students flourish in Nottingham Uni media

Jewish students flourish in Nottingham Uni media

Josh's TV show 'Just Josh' has been nominated for a Student Television Award
Josh’s TV show ‘Just Josh’ has been nominated for a Student Television Award

This week three members of Nottingham Jsoc took part in the huge coverage of The University of Nottingham’s Student Union elections, reaching over 5000 students with their reporting.

Jordan Rinsler and Ben Carr acted as reporters for University Radio Nottingham and Josh Rom did on-screen presenting for Nottingham University Television Station.

Josh’s show on Nottingham University television station, which is entitled ‘Just Josh’, has also recently been nominated for a National Student Television award.

The student, who also acts as Publicity Officer of Nottingham Jsoc, said, “It’s feels so amazing to be so involved in the student media.

“The experience of doing a live broadcast for the SU elections was unforgettable, especially since it reached so many students!

“It is also such an honour for my show to be nominated for this national award – for the first time ever I am speechless!”

Nottingham Jsoc President Jordan Rinsler said, “It is amazing that Nottingham has these incredible media facilities and its a great way for Jewish students to get experience in working in the media.

“I am so proud of the fact that we have representatives from our committee in the student media”

The University of Nottingham is well known for its established student media, as its TV and radio stations have both won national awards.


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