Jewish students compete on Bible knowledge for Israel trip

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Jewish students compete on Bible knowledge for Israel trip

More than 40 young people from the community's schools across the country competed in a series of quizzes and challenges

Yavmeh boys at Chidon HaTanach UK
Yavmeh boys at Chidon HaTanach UK

Jewish schoolchildren have pitted their religious wits against each other in a day-long series of Bible-based quizzes as the culmination of a year’s learning.

Competing in the Tanach Quiz at the Pillar Hotel in London were 43 students from Years 7-11 at schools including Yavneh College, King David High School, Immanuel College and Hasmonean.

Organised by Chidon HaTanach UK, the programme was curated with the help of The Jewish Agency in Israel and Hasmonean’s Rabbi Eliyahu Silverman.

In a series of written and verbal quizzes, the Junior Stream covered 63 chapters from various parts of the Tanach (Bible), whilst the Senior Stream National covered 261 chapters in the verbal quiz.

“The main challenge for the contestants was memorising the vast amount of material, names and places from different places in the Tanach,” said organisers.

Three students from each stream were crowned winners. From the Junior Stream these were Orly Maierovits, Sara Solomon and Leah Kalmus, while from the Senior Stream these were Batsheva Schwab, Reuven Simcha Garber and Avigayil Rowe.

The three Senior Stream winners won themselves a trip to Israel for the two week International Chidon Bible Camp, where they will join 80 finalists from 40 other countries, touring Israel and visiting Biblical locations.

Chidon HaTanach UK
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