Jewish students are online hit by posting their culinary craft on Instagram

Jewish students are online hit by posting their culinary craft on Instagram

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Some of the culinary creations posted on Instagram. No pot noodles in sight!

Seven Jewish students at the University of Birmingham have emphatically answered their mother’s need to know that they’re eating well – by posting their dishes online writes Stephen Oryszczuk

In doing so, the gang’s Instagram account – called ‘Chefs of Coronation’ – has become an internet sensation, with national newspapers picking up on the students’ culinary craft.  

Ben, one of the seven and creator of ‘Bentucky Fried Chicken,’ said it all started before a night of Vodka and Redbull, when he rustled up a work of kitchen art. 

Ben | 20 | “Bentucky fried chicken.”

A photo posted by Chefs of Coronation (@chefsofcoronation) on

“I created a masterpiece of sausages, potato roasties and peas in perfect time,” he said.

“I was admiring such ideal progress with Elliot and Miles when I exclaimed: This one’s for the food blog! And so the idea was born.”

Ben, Miles and Elliot were later joined by Nick, Dan, Ollie and DJ, who comes qualified with a B-grade in ‘food tech’ at GCSE. All are aged between 19 and 20, and all of whom saw the potential for a gourmet way out of ready-meals. 

“We made nice meals, took pictures of them and put them on Instagram and it went from there,” said Ben. “At the start it was all a bit satirical, but as we started cooking nicer meals we thought we could get somewhere.”

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From burgers and sausages to greens and mash, there’s no fast food here!

The group’s online offerings have since included chocolate roll, tuna, spaghetti bolognese, guacamole burgers, Friday night sausages and an avocade-based dish called Avo Got News For You. 

Despite the success of the blog, none of the seven currently foresee a career change from law into the world of chefs and kitchens – something else to please mum. 

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