Jewish Labour candidate ‘shocked’ by neo-Nazi anti-Semitic abuse on Twitter

Jewish Labour candidate ‘shocked’ by neo-Nazi anti-Semitic abuse on Twitter

Rhea Wolfson was targeted by neo-Nazi users on Twitter, and urged people to report the racism

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

A former Oxford Jsoc president who is in contention to replace Ken Livingstone on Labour’s governing body has been subject to anti-Semitic abuse on Twitter.

Rhea Wolfson, 25, tweeted on Thursday that she was “shocked at the anti-Semitic abuse being tweeted at not only me but my family today- using literal Nazi propaganda.”

Urging people to report the abuse from two accounts, Rhea and her sister Emily condemned the “racism and personal attacks” they were facing.

One fake account – ‘Rabbi Larry Weinstein’ – whose cover pictures is the Western Wall covered in Swastikas sent tweets to Rhea comparing Jews to rats, images of showers and the Nazi flag with the caption “free public showers for Juden”, and other anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi tropes.

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A screenshot of some of the abuse sent to Rhea and her sister Emily.

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Labour MP Wes Streeting immediately offered support on social media, tweeting to her: “So sorry to see this, Rhea. Keep strong. Will report anything I see. Take care.”

Wolfson, will be among six candidates for the centre-left slate backed by the pro-Corbyn grassroots organisation Momentum.

A further six candidates, including We Believe in Israel director Luke Akehurt, will make up a centre-right slate. Labour’s membership of nearly 400,000 will elect six members in total to the national executive committee in July’s election.

Rhea is in contention for the position after Ken Livingstone became ineligible to stand following his suspension for suggesting Hitler supporting Zionism, though there was widespread opposition to him featuring on the slate even if he had been.

Wolfson, who featured on Jewish News’ 25 Under 25 list last year, said she was “very pleased Livingstone wasn’t on the slate. He did some good things for London but I’m not a supporter”.

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