Jewish chef fronts ‘very non-kosher’ Sainsbury’s ad

Jewish chef fronts ‘very non-kosher’ Sainsbury’s ad

Fiona Green is a features writer

A Jewish radio personality has been selected to front Sainsbury’s latest advertising campaign – but kosher consumers won’t be looking to the featured recipes for inspiration, writes Fiona Leckerman.

BBC Three Counties radio presenter and cook Nick Coffer, who fronts the supermarket’s ‘Food Goes Further’ campaign together with his family, said he also offered recipes using beef, lamb and chicken, but that shoulder of pork was chosen to reflect the economic conditions.

After filming the prime-time advert, which aired to millions for the first time this week, the father-of-two from Bushey told the Jewish News: “The reality is that I love pork. I want children to have a healthy attitude towards food. Restricting what is in their diet can create certain food anxieties.”

 And while he describes himself as “very non-kosher when it comes to food”, 40-year-old Coffer – who is behind the popular blog My Daddy Cooks and subsequent book of the same name – says he is “a proud Jew. We keep the weekly tradition of Friday night dinner.”

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