Jewish Brexit Party candidate to stand against Jeremy Corbyn

Jewish Brexit Party candidate to stand against Jeremy Corbyn

Yosef David will come up against the Labour leader in his safe Islington seat, as he insists he's been 'welcomed by the party' and rejects claims Nigel Farage is antisemitic

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

Yosef David
Yosef David

A kippah-wearing Brexit Party candidate is to challenge Jeremy Corbyn at the forthcoming election.

Yosef David will stand in Islington North, moving away from the Hendon constituency where he was billed to stand before his party’s election pact with the Tories

This comes after The Brexit Party’s leader Nigel Farage said he had taken the “difficult decision” not to contest 317 seats held by the Conservatives at the last election – amid fears it could lead to a hung parliament and a second referendum.

Yosef David, who grew up in Golders Green and is a social worker for a large Jewish charity, will come up against the Labour leader, who holds one of the safest seats in the country, with a majority over 60 percent.

Speaking about relishing the opportunity to take on Corbyn, he said: “I am aware that overturning a 30,000+ majority would be a miracle. This is about highlighting the impact of the antisemitism epidemic in the Labour Party on the community. I am focused on British Jewry and the impact in our country. ”

While he has concerns about antisemitism however,  he added, that “I am primarily standing because of Brexit. Labour led by Corbyn has abandoned 4-5million leave voters.”

David added: “I never had any intention of entering  politics but I was compelled to become actively involved after witnessing the betrayal of Brexit as well as the patronising tone of those attempting to subvert democracy.”

“The current political system has failed the country and engendered complacency through lack of competition and genuine variety.”

Yosef David with party leader Nigel Farage

Asked what he would do if Jeremy Corbyn became prime minister, amid claims that some members of the community might leave the country, he said: “This is my country. I would stay and advocate for the well-being of our community and my neighbours. Make no mistake, a Corbyn government would be a disaster for our community and the entire country. But I would add that I think the British public usually gets it right. They didn’t vote remain, and they will not elect Corbyn. ”

Last month, a Survation poll within the community covered by Jewish News claimed that ’32 percent believe Nigel Farage to be antisemitic”, which David rejected.

He said he’s “found him to be a true friend of the community. He has advocated for Shechita in the European parliament as well as supporting Israel”

Calling his party a “beautiful eclectic mix of different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds”, David insisted he’s been “welcomed by the party” and that “there are many Jews in the party and it is a safe and friendly place for them to be.”

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