Jewish astronaut Jessica Meir shares pictures of Israel taken from space

Jewish astronaut Jessica Meir shares pictures of Israel taken from space

Israel's president Reuven Rivlin responds to the space-traveller's pictures taken from 250 miles above Earth, saying 'we are proud of you and send warm regards'

Jewish astronaut Jessica Meir posted photos of Israel that she took from space.

“My father’s globe spanning journey as a surgeon from the Middle East, to Europe, and eventually to the U.S. was an inspiration to many in my immediate and extended family. #TheJourney,” Meir tweeted on Friday.

In late September, Meir joined the crew of the International Space Station. Two weeks ago Meir participated in the first all-female spacewalk, 250 miles above Earth.

Meir’s late father was born in Iraq but immigrated with his family to pre-state Israel as a young child, later fighting in the country’s War of Independence in 1948. He went on to become a doctor and take a job in Sweden, where he met Meir’s mother. The couple moved to Maine when Meir’s father was offered a job there.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin responded in a tweet.

NASA astronaut Christina Koch (right) poses for a portrait with fellow Expedition 61 Flight Engineer Jessica Meir of NASA who is inside a U.S. spacesuit for a fit check. This is ahead of their all-woman spacewalk on Friday 18 October.
(Credit NASA/ Link:

“Dear Jessica, thank you for taking us with you on your space voyage. We are proud of you and send warm regards from Israel,” he tweeted.

Meir brought an Israeli flag to the space station as one of her allowed personal items.


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