Jerry Springer lambasts Trump’s ‘disgraceful’ attack against Sadiq Khan

Jerry Springer lambasts Trump’s ‘disgraceful’ attack against Sadiq Khan

British-born US TV star hits out at the American president for his criticism of the London mayor after recent terror attacks

Jerry Springer 

Photo credit: Ian West/PA Wire
Jerry Springer Photo credit: Ian West/PA Wire

Jerry Springer has branded President Donald Trump’s Twitter attacks on London Mayor Sadiq Khan over his handling of the London Bridge terror attack as “disgraceful”.

The TV star, who is a former Mayor of the US city of Cincinnati, said the president’s series of critical tweets, mocking the mayor’s comments that there was “no reason to be alarmed” over armed police on the streets, did not speak for Americans.

He told the Press Association: “It was disgraceful. I think he (Mr Khan) is great. I think he’s wonderful and just as a human being I want to apologise that anyone would speak to you like that a day after your city suffered a horrific event.

“I remember the day after 9/11, the worst day for America, the next day your Queen had beautiful words about America and the national anthem was played on Buckingham Palace grounds, the American national anthem for the first time in its history, with 5,000 Americans gathered at the gates, just to show we are with you.

“It was tears coming down, it was beautiful and what do we do? On the day that you get attacked? He blasts your Mayor because he’s Muslim? It was the most disrespectful (thing).

“Forget politics, just as a human being, what is wrong with you? Why would you say that? I apologise for that. That does not represent where America is. When you were attacked we all felt for what just happened to you.”

Springer, who is visiting the UK to give fundraising speeches for World Jewish Relief, the agency that helped his parents leave Germany before the Nazi invasion, has recently been touted as a possible candidate to run for Governor of Ohio.

He said Trump’s tenure in the White House has made him consider what he can do to make a difference, adding: ” People have been pushing for me to make a decision on that or to do it, so obviously I think about it.

“I’m thinking that I’m too old. You’re committing the next five and a half years of your life to it,a year and a half of campaigning and then a four year term.

“I would be 79 and hopefully I stay healthy but if these are my last really healthy years, is that how I want to spend them?

“They are real tough life decisions to make. The honest answer is I don’t know, I will make up my mind fairly soon.

“Obviously with what is going on in the country now, anyone with any political views thinks about what they can do to help.”

Springer said President Trump belongs more on his show than in the White House, adding, “I would say: ‘Donald, come on, why do you suddenly want to be president?

“‘That is not your interest, that’s not anything you ever talked about, that’s not something you have read a book about. You’ve got a successful life, do what you are knowledgeable about, don’t just jump in and try to change the world when you haven’t been educated in that area.’

“Hillary belongs in the White House, he belongs on my show. But he would never appear on my show, because first of all, he doesn’t want his hair pulled.”

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