Jenny Tonge posts cartoon comparing Israel to Nazis

Jenny Tonge posts cartoon comparing Israel to Nazis

Disgraced former Lib Dem shares illustration claiming Israel is repeating the Holocaust against Palestinians

The image Jenny Tonge shared on her Facebook
The image Jenny Tonge shared on her Facebook

Disgraced former Liberal Democrat peer Jenny Tonge has been criticised for sharing a post online comparing Israel to the Nazis.

The anti-Israel baroness posted a cartoon by an artist called ‘Latuff’ on her Facebook page, which came 2nd in the Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Competition.

The illustration attempts to draw comparisons between Holocaust victims and those caught up in the Gaza war 2009.

It depicts two men, a Jewish concentration camp victim wearing striped uniform and a yellow star, and a Palestinian with ‘Gaza’ on his clothes. Both are shown caught on barbed wire, bent into a Swastika shapes, with “never again” above the Shoah victim, and “over again” below the Gazan man, implying the Holocaust has been repeated, by Israel.

A spokesperson for the Community Security Trust (CST) told Jewish News: “Baroness Tonge’s use of this image is a despicable insult to the memory of all victims of the Holocaust. She keeps finding new ways of falling further from decency.”

Gideon Falter, Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “Baroness Tonge has marked Yom Hashoah by brazenly comparing the situation in Gaza to the situation of the six million Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust. The cartoon she chose to share is by Carlos Latuff, the notorious antisemitic cartoonist, who won second prize in one of Iran’s repulsive Holocaust denial cartoon competitions. The drawing is designed to cause maximum offence, with the limbs of the figures even splayed to look like swastikas. It is high time that Baroness Tonge was stripped of her peerage. It is extremely disturbing that she has been permitted to retain her seat as a legislator despite her record, and she must not be allowed to continue to wield power and influence.”

Ex-BBC News journalist Sarah Deech took to twitter to call the cartoon “vile”, whilst the cartoonist, Carlos Latuff from Brazil, regularly faces accusations of anti-Semitism for producing the work.

Tonge Shoah image
The image Jenny Tonge shared on her Facebook
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