Israel’s Iron Dome: How it works

Israel’s Iron Dome: How it works

מערכת 'כיפת ברזל'Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system can detect and intercept rockets heading for population centres within a 43.4-mile range, and has about an 80 percent success rate.

This means that a number of rockets inevitably make it through. The cost of launching a missile from the Iron Dome has been reported to cost up to £60,000.

The Iron Dome was designed to be operated easily by an average woman soldier of 5’3” in height and seven stone 8lbs in weight.

The police have had to discourage people flocking to the batteries to take pictures of them. Approximately a tenth of the rockets fired by Hamas terrorists have landed in Gaza itself.

One knocked out an electricity pylon carrying Israeli electricity to more than 70,000 Gazan homes, disrupting viewing of the World Cup.

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