Labour group sorry for ‘Nakba denial’ question in antisemitism meeting agenda

Labour group sorry for ‘Nakba denial’ question in antisemitism meeting agenda

Stroud Green Labour in Haringey have cancelled their forum on antisemitism next week

A Labour group has “wholeheartedly and sincerely apologised to the Jewish community” after a list of topics shared with members ahead a debate on antisemitism included a question about “Nakba denial”.

Stroud Green Labour in Haringey have cancelled the forum on antisemitism at the White Lion pub scheduled for next week, after the list of questions for discussion  drew criticism. 

Former Labour activist James Austin, who resigned his membership of the party over antisemitism last month, first reported it was emailed to over 700 members.

The agenda included a discussion of whether “Nakba denial” is a bigger problem than Holocaust denial and whether the claim that “black boys are good dancers” is racist. 

Other topics for discussion included whether it is “okay to joke about Israel” and whether antisemitism should be treated differently to other forms of racism.

Another topic is whether it is still “actually possible” to rebuild trust with “the mainstream Jewish community”.

Stroud Green Labour tweeted: “Our intention was to facilitate an informal discussion which could increase awareness and understanding about antisemitism, and a discussion about how we can combat this vile prejudice, but we realise that some of the questions accompanying the notice of the meeting were offensive and insensitive.

“We wholeheartedly and sincerely apologise to the Jewish community. Yours in solidarity.”

When approached for comment yesterday, Cllr Kirsten Hearn, who is a Labour councillor for Stroud Green, confirmed the meeting was taking place but suggested the list was a hoax.

She said: “I know nothing about it but I have not been involved in the setting up of this group.

“It’s obviously been put up by two ex members and I don’t understand where it’s come from.”

She added: “We feel that it’s really important to talk about these issues. We have got lots of members who are concerned to make sure we stamp out discrimination.”

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