IN PICTURES: Langdon’s exceptional awards dinner

IN PICTURES: Langdon’s exceptional awards dinner

BBC newsreader Emily Maitlis helped learning disabilities charity Langdon raise £400,000 by hosting its awards dinner at The Millennium Hotel in central London.

Awards were presented to Langdon’s members for doing things regarded as ordinary for most people but for them are extraordinary. Daniel Bourla picked up the award for the person who has achieved new skills in the workplace, for the four different jobs he does during the week.

Elliot Cohen won an award for fulfilling his dreams by marrying the love of his life, Celine, while Paul Sonenfeld was honoured for being a supportive friend to his flatmate, Adam, during his liver transplant.

Up to 300 guests heard Jonathan Joseph, Langdon’s incoming chairman, make a special appeal, saying: “We need to reach the many others we know have learning disabilities within the Jewish community.”

Credit Blake Ezra Photography

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