Holocaust denial books for sale on Amazon

Holocaust denial books for sale on Amazon

'The Myth of Extermination of the Jews' and 'Holocaust: the Greatest Lie Ever Told' are among the titles openly offered on the site.

Dozens of books containing claims the Holocaust was exaggerated or even made up are being sold on Amazon.

An investigation by the Sunday Times revealed the content was readily available on the retailer’s UK site as well as in countries where Holocaust denial is illegal.

The Myth of Extermination of the Jews and Holocaust: the Greatest Lie Ever Told are among the titles on offer – sparking condemnation from the Holocaust Educational Trust.

Many customers used the review sections for the titles to call for their removal, it was reported.

The paper claims that the books listed for sale in Germany and elsewhere where there are laws against such material were removed after being contacted by reporters, but not so in the UK.

Karen Pollock, chief executive of HET, said: “Holocaust denial is highly offensive and the intent is anti-Semitism, pure and simple. To have this material widely accessible via any retailer is shocking and wrong.”

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