‘Hateful’ swastika daubed outside London station

‘Hateful’ swastika daubed outside London station

'Disgusting graffiti' removed from outside Drayton Park station and reported to the police

An “extremely offensive ” swastika daubed outside a London station has been reported to the police and removed by the local council.

The graffiti was found on a wall besides Drayton Park station, Islington, with a large cross inside a circle daubed on an adjacent wall.

After being reported to the police on Sunday afternoon by a member of the public, the graffiti was left on show until Wednesday.

Islington Council said it was reported to them on 30 January, adding that: “We condemn all forms of hate crime, and are appalled at this extremely offensive and hateful graffiti”.

The Council said: “A team was sent to remove this graffiti as soon as it was reported to them, and we thank the Twitter user who brought this to our attention.  We urge residents who see graffiti of this kind to report it to police as a hate crime.  If residents also report hateful graffiti the council we will remove it as soon as possible.”

The Metropolitan Police told Jewish News they “are aware of the graffiti and have arranged an appointment in respect of this matter”.

The Community Security Trust said: “This disgusting graffiti is understandably upsetting for anybody who sees it. We have contacted Islington Council to ask for it to be removed as soon as possible.”

Drayton Park station – with the cross on the left and swastika on the right, obscured by a car
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