Hamas founder’s ‘son’ who spied for Israel visits UK

Hamas founder’s ‘son’ who spied for Israel visits UK

Mosab Hassan Yousef (soruce: twitter)

The son of a Hamas founder who spied for Israel for 10 years has received a warm welcome at a series of UK events.

Mosab Hassan Yousef flew to London with One Family, a charity that helps victims of terror, to coincide with the showing of documentary The Green Prince at the Jewish Film Festival.

The film charts Yousef’s life as an informant, reporting to handler Gonen Ben Yitzhak, who later broke with Shin Bet protocol and flew to the US to help his former double agent gain political asylum.

“He got standing ovations wherever he went,” said Andrew Alexander, the charity’s chief executive.

“People just fell in love with him. Here’s a guy who gave tremendous help to Israel.”

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