Great British Bake Off star pictured in Nazi uniform

Great British Bake Off star pictured in Nazi uniform

Telly chef Paul Hollywood shocked drinkers at Kent village pub before heading off to a fancy dress party.

Paul Hollywood (left) was pictured in a Nazi uniform
Paul Hollywood (left) was pictured in a Nazi uniform

Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood has been pictured wearing a Nazi uniform.

The Sun reports how the photographs – taken in 2010 before he joined the hit show.- were taken at a fancy dress party at the White Stag pub in Monkton, Kent.

A source said: “Paul and his mate popped in for a drink and their wives joined them later. To them it was a great big joke to be wearing a Nazi uniform and they were laughing about it and happily posed for a picture at the bar.

“But some found it offensive — especially the fact they thought it was really funny.

“Paul had insignia on the uniform and a whacking great swastika for heaven’s sake. They may have been going to a fancy dress party — but what sort of person goes into a pub in German military uniform with a swastika on their sleeve?

“At worst it was extremely offensive. At the very least it was stupid.”

His outfit included a red Swastika armband, a replica Iron cross medal, an eagle badge – the emblem of the Third Reich – and a cap featuring a cross-swords motif, which was worn by officers in the German army.

Stephen Silverman, Director of Investigations and Enforcement at Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “Following the very public disgrace of figures including Prince Harry and former-MP Aiden Burley over Nazi fancy dress, the debate on the acceptability of wearing Nazi uniform for entertainment is over. Whilst there are perfectly legitimate uses of such uniforms, for example in educational films or plays, it is offensive to use Nazi uniforms as party costumes. Nobody should find it funny to appear in public looking like Nazi war criminals. Wearing these costumes for fun is an insult to the British soldiers and civilians who died repelling Hitler’s onslaught and the six million Jews and many others who were murdered.

“However we appreciate Paul Hollywood’s immediate apology and note that this happened fourteen years ago. We do not expect any further action, however Mr Hollywood may wish to take the opportunity to educate his millions of fans about the horrors of the Holocaust.”

There is no suggestion that Paul or anyone else at the event has any sympathy with the Nazi Party.

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