Going Viral – the craziest Bar Mitzvah entrance you’ve ever seen

Going Viral – the craziest Bar Mitzvah entrance you’ve ever seen

We’re no strangers to the art of the over-the-top Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Jewish News.

Indeed, it seems that hardly a week goes by before a link to a bombastic, celebrity-filled Youtube video of little Joel/Sammy/Olivia’s coming of age celebration does the rounds and generally distracts the hardworking staff from their jobs, dividing the office neatly between outraged traditionalists (“how much did that cost??”)  and those who can appreciate the subtle art of blowing a huge wad of your parents’ cash before you are even old enough to drive.

Enter 13-year-old Sam Horowitz, whose carefully choreographed Bar Mitzvah entrance officially puts your “DJ and dinner” combo to shame.

Descending from the rafters in a giant oval box and proceeding to join the 8 or so professional backing dancers in a whirl of streamers, strobe lights and flashdance, any doubts as to exactly whose Bar Mitzvah you’re at is quickly put to rest by the gigantic letters that loom over the stage.

[youtube id=”g-ByhUDUllM” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”][divider]

Viral Statistics

Upload date: Nov 26, 2012

Views at time of writing:  102,628

YouTube reactions: if it feels like you’ve wandered into a particularly peppy staging of Chicago rather than a age-old ceremony of responsibility and self-reliance, you’re not alone. EretzLaAm comments “Which did he practice more, this choreography or his haftara?” while Adam Mallerman laments that “His parents spending absurd wads of cash to make sure their son’s gig is bigger and better than anyone elses is not a barmitzva – its embarrassing” and jcr254 chimes in simply with “No.”

Jewish News verdict: “Dance like your parents are watching… and spending”

Stray thoughts:  This is described as the opening number!  A full show might even have a chance of dislodging Jorel Rocks His Bar Mitzvah, the current king of Youtube Bar Mitzvah vids. Who wins your vote? Tell us in the comments below!

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