Game of Scones: How did Stacey do on Bake Off?

Game of Scones: How did Stacey do on Bake Off?

In the third week of the Great British Bake Off, Stacey Hart draws upon her Jewish roots in the baking challenge but it isn't enough for the top spot

Suzy Pelta is an author and baker

Stacey Hart on Bake Off episode 3
Stacey Hart on Bake Off episode 3

Week three in The Great British Bake Off and as Stacey herself said: ‘this is the biggest week for me, it’s my chance to show them that I can bake bread’.

Even the Judges and Presenters acknowledged that she had set herself up to be ‘Star Baker’ and the ‘Bread Queen’ and so it really was time for our Stacey to show them what she’s made of.

And show them she did!

Her Christmas flavour inspired Cranberry and Cinnamon Teacake signature bake drew a raised eyebrow from Paul Hollywood when he heard she was washing the tops with milk, but both he and Prue agreed that Stacey had produced a good Teacake.

The technical challenge was a Cottage Loaf and Stacey was visibly pleased that she not only knew what it was but that she even knew Paul’s finger technique for pushing the two parts together. Her prior knowledge paid off as she received praise from both Prue and Paul and was awarded the coveted technical challenge first place!

For Stacey’s showstopper she drew on her Jewish roots by using challah dough as the brim of her ‘Ascot Hat’ Bread Sculpture. Her design and execution impressed the judges but sadly her flavours didn’t quite work. And so Stacey, who up until this point had been a hot favourite for Star Baker fell out of favour and was narrowly beaten by Julia.

Even so, there is no doubt that week 3 has been Stacey’s strongest week on the Great British Bake Off so far.

You can watch the episode here

Stacey Hart on Bake Off episode 3, cutting Challah during a Friday Night shabbat meal reenactment
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