Extinction Rebellion Jews join week of protests outside Parliament

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Extinction Rebellion Jews join week of protests outside Parliament

Around 25 activist call on MPs to debate climate change legislation while urging the community to say a prayer on Rosh Hashanah for the planet

XR J activists at the Parliament Square demonstration
XR J activists at the Parliament Square demonstration

Jewish Extinction Rebellion activists joined daily protests outside parliament this week urging MPs to discuss climate change legislation.

Holding signs quoting Jewish sage Hillel and wearing kippot with the XR logo on, around 25 demonstrators took part in events which included a vigil, prayer sessions, discussions and a march.

A series of online talks attended by about 75 people were also held by Extinction Rebellion Jews (XRJ), including on Jews and civil disobedience with Rabbi Roni Tabick. Events will conclude on Saturday with havdallah and selichot prayers.

An XRJ volunteer said protests “were successful in reminding both the government, MPs and the general public that the climate and ecological emergency is not going away until we take drastic action to avert the severity.

XR J activist with a kippa and tallit prays at the Parliament Square demonstration

“After the protests end this week, we will be looking to do further engagement with the Jewish community on the climate emergency.

XRJ kippot

“We ask all Jews at Rosh Hashana to add a bracha [prayer] when having apples and honey for the bees and all other insects which are disappearing faster than all other species, and the potential impact on our food production from ecosystem collapse. We have been praying all week for a sweater year ahead.”

This comes after Extinction Rebellion activists installed blockades at printers for newspapers including the Sun and the Mail, preventing them from going to press, earlier in the week.

Asked whether it supported the protest, XR Jews said it “not involved in this action but agree that the media have a key role to play in influencing the general public as well as politicians. When the press does not treat the breakdown of our climate as an emergency, we all suffer.”

XR J activists during this week’s series of demonstrations
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