Engaged couple ‘splits up’ during BDS comedy show

Engaged couple ‘splits up’ during BDS comedy show

Audience member claims pair erupted into a “whispering row” during a Marlon Solomon show on Saturday night.

A Twitter user has described the moment a fiancee returned her engagement ring to her partner following a fierce disagreement about the anti-Israel BDS movement during Marlon Solomon’s one-man show Conspiracy Theory: A Lizard’s Tale.

The Mancunian comedian Marlon Solomon is touring the country with his show Conspiracy Theory: A Lizard’s Tale, a one-man show in which he challenges conspiracism and left wing antisemitism.

A member of the audience claimed on Twitter that a couple erupted into a “whispering row” during  the performance of Conspiracy Theory: A Lizard’s Tale at Chorlton Park Labour Party on Saturday.

According to the Twitter user, the argument was prompted by comments the BDS movement from a member of Jewish Labour Movement during the Q&A which followed the performance.

“So this guy’s hand goes up like a shot and down when his fiancée tells him to shut up”, the post reads. “They have a massive whispering row and she gives him her f****** engagement ring and tells him to f*** off. “

“Off he f****, she comes back and tells her mates the whole engagement is off.”

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