Cork University not yet decided on ‘anti-Israel hate-fest’

Cork University not yet decided on ‘anti-Israel hate-fest’

The Irish institution says no decision has yet been made on whether to host conference on Israel's legal legitimacy

University College Cork
University College Cork

The Irish university reported to be hosting an academic conference on the legality of the State of Israel in April has said it is yet to decide whether to do so.

Last week, University College Cork was cited as the alternative venue to an event derided as “one-sided” by cabinet ministers and Jewish representatives, who last year welcomed news that Southampton University had decided to cancel the conference, which it had originally planned to host.

A statement from UCC this week read: “University College Cork became aware, through external correspondence with the University, of a proposal to hold a conference entitled ‘International Law and the State of Israel’ on the campus.

“The University management has issued no approval for the event, has sought information on the details of the proposed conference from the organisers and will determine its position following appropriate consideration.”

Israel’s supporters in Ireland and the UK have sought to persuade UCC bosses not to host the event, since articles appeared suggesting that a decision had already been taken to do so.

Ronnie Fraser of Academic Friends of Israel said: “I’m pleased to see the event has not yet been given the go-ahead. Undoubtedly the University will consult with the Representative Council in Dublin.”

He added: “I am confident that Prof. O’Shea, the incoming president, will decide this event is not an academic conference but an anti-Israel hate-fest which has no place on any campus, let alone one with the international University of Cork.”

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