Community hero who raised funds for 12 ambulances honoured by MDA

Community hero who raised funds for 12 ambulances honoured by MDA

Israel's national emergency service has responded to over 73,100 calls using ambulances donated by the retired surgeon

A pensioner who raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to purchase ambulances for Israel’s Magen David Adom has been honoured by the emergency service.

Retired surgeon Norman Rosenbaum, 84, was the first ever to receive a Humanitarian Of the Year award from MDA – in recognition of his fundraising work.

Rosenbaum also received the Points of Light Award from Theresa May for his fundraising work last year and was honoured at Jewish News’ Night of Heroes Awards.

“It’s the people who matter. It’s not who gets the awards – that’s not important,” he told Jewish News.

Over the years, Rosenbaum helped organise support for 12 life-saving vehicles among his community of Cockfosters and N. Southgate Synagogue – and he is raising funds for another, which he described as his “bar mitzvah ambulance”.

Rosenbaum received the special award at a dedication ceremony for his 12th ambulance, which was held at MDA’s blood centre in Tel Hashomer.

MDA received a contribution for the £65,000 ambulance from the late Ida Lee, who arranged to donate to the organisation as part of her legacy 20 years ago.

Father-of-five, Simon Hamilton, 39, also helped raise money in memory of his late sister Jenny Hamilton-Morhaim, who passed away at the age of 27 from a sudden brain aneurysm.

Hamilton, who cut the ribbon with his son Raphael, 8, and his daughter Henya, 10, paid tribute to his sister and her “happiness that went beyond”, describing her habit of reciting tehillim when ambulances drove past.

“We can celebrate her happiness by saving lives. We are happy to dedicate this ambulance that will be saving lives in her memory,” he said.

Daniel Burger, chief executive of MDA UK, said: “It’s always a privilege to be at an ambulance dedication because it’s an opportunity to see the culmination of all the hard work.

“Simon and his family have been wonderful. We have been working on this for a long time. We are very grateful to the Lee family for their contribution in their legacy.

“Norman, you have done so much for MDA and you have already been recognised.”

MDA has revealed that it has responded to over 73,100 calls over the years using ambulances donated by Rosenbaum and his community.

Among them, 45 were terror-related, 2,677 were child medical emergencies, 965 were women in labour, 6750 were car accidents and 1,552 were victims of violence.

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