Clegg commits to protecting funding for Jewish school security

Clegg commits to protecting funding for Jewish school security

Nick Clegg has announced the Liberal Democrats will protect funding for Jewish school security until 2020. nick clegg

Currently the Additional Security Fund provides £2.3m a year for security needs at Jewish state schools, working with the CST to provide security in 48 Jewish voluntary-aided faith schools across England.

But, in the wake of the attacks in Paris and Copenhagen especially, there have been calls for an increased budget for faith school funding due to the increased fear and risk to Jewish communities.

Nick Clegg committed his party to  “protect central government funding for security at Jewish state schools until 2020”, saying he stood in ‘solidarity’ with the Jewish people after the attacks.

He said “now, more than ever, we need to provide the help that communities need in order to feel safe. I know that security in schools is a particular worry for parents. Parents should be able to drop their kids off at school free of fear”.

“We will also look to expand the fund in future to include Muslim voluntary-aided schools and other faith schools where there are particular security needs.”



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