Charedi UKIP candidate’s ‘kinky alter ego’ revealed

Charedi UKIP candidate’s ‘kinky alter ego’ revealed

Orthodox mayoral hopeful reportedly uses bondage and sadomasochism website, despite refusing to shake hands with women on 'religious grounds'

Shneur Odze
Shneur Odze

A Chareidi father of four and UKIP mayoral candidate has reportedly been using an alter ego on a bondage and sadomasochism website to attract submissive women.

Shneur Odze, 36, is in the running to become mayor of Manchester, competing against former Labour Cabinet Minister Andy Burnham.

He has also previously refused to shake hands with female political opponents on ‘religious grounds’.

He met a 25-year-old anonymous office worker through last November. In his profile, Odze used a stock image of a young priest studying a Bible, calling himself “The Right Reverend.” He wrote about his “voyage of self-discovery, fulfilling that inner void, living for the moment…”

Odze participated in consensual sex with the woman on four separate occasions, who described him as possessive and controlling from the very start. “To a certain degree, this was part of our role-playing,” she told the Daily Mail.

“I had to call him Sir every time I spoke to him, which was fine, although it got ridiculous after a while.”

She was stunned on discovering his true identity, achieved by googling his mobile number, which directed her to his UKIP Facebook page.

“He had lied to me, by telling me he wasn’t married and he’s lying to the people he wants to represent by pretending to be something he’s not. It is hypocritical,” she said.

This revelation  is sure to put a further spoke in Ukip’s struggling General Election campaign under new leader Paul Nuttall.

A Ukip spokesman said: ‘This is a personal matter for Mr Odze. He has broken no law, and therefore we have no comment to make.’

Odze has since made his Twitter account private.

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