PREVIEW: ‘Cartoonists – foot soldiers of Democracy’

PREVIEW: ‘Cartoonists – foot soldiers of Democracy’

CARTOONISTSJust like the best political cartoons, Cartoonists manages to synthesise a vast subject in ways both insightful and, at times, frightfully funny.

In the wake of the recent tragic events in Paris, producer Stéphanie Valloatto’s powerful and moving feature film debut showcases the humorous and often subversive work of 12 courageous political cartoonists led by French caricaturist Plantu.

The documentary takes you on a whistle-stop tour of the world, through interviews with prominent cartoonists from countries as varied as France, Israel, China, Russia and the US, interspersed with examples of their drawings and animations.

Whether it’s Plantu receiving calls from a dismayed Sarkozy, or the experiences of Russian cartoonist Zlatkovsky whose work is banned from publication; censorship is forever looming over their freedom of speech.  

The film captures the comedy and tragedy in the world, armed with just a pencil.

Produced and directed by acclaimed Jewish director Radu Mihaileanu (‘Live and Become’, ‘The Concert’), Cartoonists is a unique opportunity to explore close-up the difficulties and dangers for those who practice this extraordinary profession.

“The cartoonists permanently test the degree of democracy in their country and put themselves in the frontline” explains Mihaileanu, “they are the foot soldiers of democracy”.

Screening of the film and Q&A at JW3 takes place on Feb 25. It is presented by UK Jewish Film To book, CLICK HERE

CARTOONISTS- FOOT SOLDIERS OF DEMOCRACY from Cinextra Productions on Vimeo.

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