Caprice’s Chanukah plans before much-anticipated acting return

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Caprice’s Chanukah plans before much-anticipated acting return

Model-turned-homeware designer Caprice Bourret tells us eight things she would like for Chanukah!


From being one of the world’s most photographed women, model-turned-homeware designer Caprice Bourret returns to acting in 2019  in In2ruders, a horror film about the music industry to be shown on Amazon Prime.

Co-starring music duo the Bloom twins and Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley with a score by Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes, Caprice plays the all-powerful CEO of a sinister entertainment conglomerate.

We catch up with her to find out her plans for Chanukah.

What are you doing for Chanukah this year, and who with?

This year I will be with my family in London. The boys are really excited… one has tried to open his gifts already – the cheeky little bugger! We just celebrate with friends and family around our home. It is a special occasion.

What do you like most about Chanukah?

That’s a silly question – the gifts of course! Also, any chance to eat pancakes and jelly doughnuts without the guilt is alright by me.

What do your children like most about the festival?

Like most children, they look forward to the sweeties and presents. I am usually quite strict with not overloading them with junk food, so this time of the year means they can eat more treats.

Do they still go to cheder? Will they be going to any parties (at shul or otherwise)?

Of course, we go every Sunday without fail. We have been invited to a few parties that we are looking forward to. I look forward to catching up with friends and family.

Do you celebrate Chrismukkah?

Hahaha… My husband Ty’s side of the family celebrate Christmas, so we visit them during this time, which inevitably mean gifts for the kids! We usually go to Florida to his parents and everyone wears Christmas jumpers.

What are you giving to others as gifts for Chanukah/Christmas?

The list is too long, to be honest. I have about 21 gifts that I have bought already. So far, I have bought the latest toys the kids are driving me crazy for, a couple of bikes and some shoes.

Do you have a Chanukah bush?! Or a Christmas tree?

I definitely don’t have a Christmas tree in my own home. It is important that I don’t confuse the children and also, over the holidays, we go away. I have a menorah for candle-lighting, and there’s a star of David/menorah made
out of fairy lights wrapped around the stage in my living room.

What did you do for Chanukah growing up?

To be honest not much… I only really started being really religious after having my children. Before this, I was on my own, travelling the world, being a bit wild. If there was a holiday that meant another Caribbean destination for a few weeks, I was there. It’s only now that I’ve had kids that I’m more observant.

By Caprice Home is available now at and key stockists, including

Eight things Caprice would like for Chanukah!

1. Sleep! I get between three to five hours but, ideally, I need eight.

2. No stress.

3. New car – in my dreams! I have a Lexus hybrid SUV that is 10 years old. Possibly the Tesla 7-seater; I like to have an eco-friendly car.

4. A holiday in Disneyland – the children haven’t been to Disneyland Florida yet. They’d love it and I secretly do too!

5. To get my bike refurbished. It’s about 14 years old, but was custom-made
and is so comfortable. It needs a revamp and new wheels.

6. New Hogan sneakers. Hogan is one of my fave brands. They’re quite expensive, so they’re a real treat as a gift.

7. An Alex Perry dress. These dresses all fit me like a glove. They’re sexy but very age appropriate.

8.  A spa day. I never have time for this. What a pleasure and a treat to be pampered for a day.

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