Call for Jewish schools to support LGBT education

Call for Jewish schools to support LGBT education

'Educate and Celebrate' charity are urging educators to improve conditions for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students

Educate & Celebrate, a charity aiming to transform schools across the UK into LGBT+ friendly places, has called on Jewish schools to embrace their educational programme.

The charity has worked to improve conditions for LGBT+ schoolchildren since 2005.

Charity workers visit hundreds of schools every term to teach children about LGBT+ issues which range from gender identity, such as the construction of adverts and social norms, to transgender issues and people who are transitioning.

However, despite thousands of schools taking part in the charity’s programme, there are currently no Jewish schools on board.

The charity’s founder, Dr Elly Barnes MBE, said: “It would be beneficial for children, parents and teachers from all communities to engage in the programme to ensure all students are treated equally and fairly according to the Equality Act 2010.

“We are targeting religion in particular as this year our research is focused on LGBT+ inclusion within faith schools, we work with thousands of schools across the country but we are missing Jewish partners.

“With Jewish schools still following the National Curriculum and having OFSTED inspections it is vital they too receive help in ensuring they have LGBT+ friendly environments for their students and teachers.”

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