Bushey schoolboys start stationery collection for needy children

Bushey schoolboys start stationery collection for needy children

Young brothers Sam and Joe Pressinger get the backing of their school to collect pens and pencils for Barnardo’s charity

Sam and Joe Pressinger
Sam and Joe Pressinger

Two young Jewish boys from Bushey have set out to collect unwanted stationery for children around the world less fortunate than them.

Sam and Joe Pressinger, aged 9 and 12 respectively, decided to collect pens and pencils for schools after watching a TV documentary featuring Professor Green covering disadvantaged children making do without these basic items.

The boys chose Barnardo’s as their charity and went to see their headmaster to ask for support from their school,  St John’s School in Northwood, which they got. Collection points were created, an assembly was held and an item was put in the weekly newsletter.

Meanwhile Sam and Joe’s parents – Marc and Melissa – approached WH Smiths and Rymans, which both donated some stationery, and have said they hope to approach other schools to take up the initiative.

“We’ve always tried to teach our children that they are very fortunate to have the basics in life such as warmth, food and clean clothes and that there are many people who do not have any of these things,” said Marc.

He said that when Sam and Joe saw that some children didn’t have pens and pencils for school, let alone fun stationery for crafts and enjoyment, it sparked an urge to do something that made both parents very proud.

“Watching this and combining the values we have tried to teach them brought them to suggest that they would like to try and do something to help,” he said.

The family came up with the name ‘Stationery Moving’ as a play on words “to get stationery moving to great homes,” mobilised family and friends then set about processing all the donated stationery.

You can visit their website herewww.stationerymoving.com

“We make sure it’s safe, pens work, pencils sharpened, nothing leaking etc,” said Marc. “Then we collate sets to put in a foil ziplock pouches with a little packet of sweeties and then heat-seal and label ready for a new home.”

Melissa said: “We thought so many people must have drawers full of stationery which would be great for people who do not have these things, perhaps we could collect it and clean it up and get it to those in need.”

She added: “We’ve had wonderful support. Work contacts have designed our logo and holding page, label companies have worked at cost, others have bought pouches and tubs. Thank you to everyone for running around collecting donated stationery and trying to help raise awareness.”

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