Board of Deputies gets £5.8m for Bloomsbury Sq HQ

Board of Deputies gets £5.8m for Bloomsbury Sq HQ

The Board of Deputies has agreed the sale of its central London headquarters for a staggering £5.8 million.

6 Bloomsbury
Disraeli’s former home has been sold for £5.8 million

The communal representative body said earlier this year that 6 Bloomsbury Square, which was once home to future prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, would be put up for sale as it was “not designed for modern working with too many small offices s spread across five floors and poor disabled access”.

It added: “As a grade 2 listed building it is expensive to maintain and improve.”

The sale – to be completed on 18 July – comes with the option for the Board to remain in-situ for almost six months before moving into new accommodation, expected to be in the Camden area.

Board President Vivian Wineman said: “This is an important step forward for the Board, placing the organisation on a sound financial footing as we look to develop our services for the 21st Century.”

Treasurer Laurence Brass added: “The sale figure agreed is believed to be the highest achieved per square foot in the Bloomsbury area.

As a result, the finances of the Board are now in a far healthier position than has been the case for a generation.”

Both the Board and the Jewish Leadership Council – which are engaged in unification talks – have previously expressed readiness to explore the possibility of sharing premises.

It’s believed the Board are currently looking at premises would could potentially accommodate both organisations.

The JLC’s Simon Johnson added that the two bodies “continue to discuss whether it’s possible for the two to share premises”.




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