Beyond Belief Festival heralds value of positive interfaith action

Beyond Belief Festival heralds value of positive interfaith action

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Musical and artistic performances were central in the Beyond Belief Festival, heralding the value of positive interfaith action.

Organised by Friends for Change, the festival hosted 120 people from all different ethnic and cultural backgrounds in St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, London.

Amongst those featuring in the festival  were ‘Tabouli’, a young-adults a ‘Capella choir singing four Jewish liturgical and folk songs around the theme of journey.

Another act was ‘Pearls’, a young Muslim duo from afro-caribbean heritage performing a mix of Nasheeds, Rap, poetry and spoken word.

Other performances were given by different faith based acts, such as Fahad Khalid’, a steel string guitar and vocal musician playing Asian folk jazz inspired by Indian Raagas and Arabic Maqams.

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Rev. Michiko Delucia, Director of Interfaith Programmes, Shinnyu-en UK,  commented “This past year has been hugely encouraging for the Friends for Change group.”

She said: “With the young adults developing positive friendships across different faith communities, their passion and energy has been palpable – all culminating in an impressive festival that took place on Sunday, attended by more than 100 members of the public!

“Regardless of what faith background you come from Friends for Change is open to all young adults, providing the opportunity to nurture leadership qualities to bring about future action.”

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The Beyond Belief Festival also included storytelling from Sarah Percival, discussion about driving positive change, collective meditation from ‘five different spiritual paths’, and other musical acts.

The event was the “culmination of the first year of the Friends for Change programme” according to one of the organisers, with everything from the design of the flyer, the food and the shaping of the entire day being co-ordinated by the collective group.

Year two will culminate in a social action project, to which anyone joining will get to help determine and steer.

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If you wish to become involved, you will receive training, mentoring, and have the opportunity to visit different communities, offering the chance to create and deliver your interfaith events and social projects.

E-mail for more information.

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