Barnet Multi-Faith Forum: six communities represented at interfaith event

Barnet Multi-Faith Forum: six communities represented at interfaith event

Left to right Esmond Rosen (V.Chair of BMFF), Rev Maurice Michaels (Alyth Synagogue), Dorab Mistry (Zoroastrian), Dr Harriet Crabtree, The Mayor & Mayoress of Barnet, Cllr Hugh Rayner ( Susan) Rev Keith John (Chair of BMFF), Mark Harris (Chair of Alyth Synagogue), Shakil Ahmed (V Chair BMFF)

Last week the UK’s network of Multi-Faith Forums celebrated National Inter-Faith Week.

The Barnet Multi Faith Forum (BMFF) organised a well attended meeting in Hendon Town Hall, with representation of people from six of the different faith groups practiced in the borough.

Dr Harriet Crabtree, the National Director of Interfaith UK, made an inspiring speech encouraging all those engaged with this necessary work and of the effort required to make any initial dialogue between faith groups.

Dr Crabtree outlined that making an effort can often begin the slow burn that can lead towards a positive development between groups later down the line.

She emphasized the need for open, honest and respectful discussion as a means to having a broader understanding of each other’s faiths and beliefs.

She commented, that “ the work of local multi-faith groups like Barnet’s is of enormous importance. It helps develop a deeper understanding and co-operation between people of many differing backgrounds and that is becoming more and more important in our increasingly diverse society.”


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