THE APPRENTICE: Daniel Lassman survives another week…just!

THE APPRENTICE: Daniel Lassman survives another week…just!

Daniel (far right) and Lauren (far left) are brought back into the boardroom with team PM Mark (middle)

Jewish contestant Daniel Lassman has once again kept his place on The Apprentice, despite being in the firing line of Lord Sugar for the second week running, writes Suzanne Baum.

In episode seven tonight, the candidates are seen taking on the challenge of coming up with an advertising campaign for a new soft drink.

As part of Team Tenacity,  27-year-old pub quiz owner Lassman remains in the UK with half the team to create and brand the drinks, whilst the others travel to the Big Apple to test the market. However, the team’s new health drink  fails to win the task.

Team Tenacity’s  pitches to a room full of high-flying advertising execs and experts from the drinks industry fail to impress, with Lord Sugar stating “it is Tenacity where more mistakes were made as far as I was concerned.”

However, despite project manager Mark choosing to bring Lassman back into the boardroom, he is let off by Lord Sugar who gives marching orders instead to teammate Lauren.

However, it still remains to see if Lassman can make it through one more week with Lord Sugar stating:  “Daniel, you say you wanted to prove something to me, you haven’t proved anything really.  You keep saying you’re a great salesman, I ain’t seen you sell anything.  You keep saying you’re a great presenter, I haven’t seen you present anything.  Now on this creativity side, it is not very good at all.  Are you responsible for the failure of this task?  That’s another question.”