Anger as Belgian doctor prescribes Gaza ‘for pain’

Anger as Belgian doctor prescribes Gaza ‘for pain’

Flanders, where the incident allegedly took place

British Jewish medics have branded a Belgian doctor’s behaviour as “an absolute disgrace” after reports that they told a Jewish patient to “go to Gaza” to get over the pain.

Bertha Klein had her son, an American, call a medical hotline at 11pm to report a fractured rib.

The physician concerned was manning the phone in Flanders when reportedly told the woman’s son to “send her to Gaza for a few hours to get rid of the pain”.

Prof. David Katz, a leader of the Jewish community and expert in the field of immunology, blasted the actions of the doctor, who was also reported to have said “I’m not coming” and hung up.

Calling for an immediate investigation, Katz said: “If the allegations are true, then this is an absolute disgrace.

“The doctor concerned should be reported to the Belgian equivalent of the GMC and disciplined.”

He added: “The behaviour betrays the core principles of medical ethics.”


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