Liberal Judaism ‘sorry’ for Amy graveside interview

Liberal Judaism ‘sorry’ for Amy graveside interview

Liberal Judaism has apologised to Amy Winehouse’s parents after her ex-husband “disrespected the Jewish faith” by conducting an interview and photo-shoot at the late singer’s grave.

winehouseAmy’s mother Janis had earlier slammed the 32-year old former drug addict Fielder-Civil, saying: “To film at her grave shows total disrespect.”

Whilst she acknowledged that he was entitled to visit the grave, she said: “He disrespects our religion by not covering his head and as for an interview in a sacred place that disgusts me.”

Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning in 2011 at the age of 27, and is buried at EdgwareburyLaneCemetery in Edgware, alongside her late grandmother, Cynthia Levy.

Blake-Fielder’s visit, during which he was accompanied by TV crew and photographers, was his first since her death and prompted an apology to the family from the chief executive of Liberal Judaism, which owns that section of the cemetery.

“I apologise to Amy Winehouse’s family,” said Rabbi Danny Rich. “This was done without my permission. Had I been asked, I could have advised Blake on how to behave in a cemetery and that press interviews and photo shoots are not appropriate.”

He added: “Amy’s death was a tragedy and whilst I would not wish to exclude her former husband from mourning and paying tribute, this was a highly inappropriate way to do so.”

Winehouse and Fielder-Civil married in Florida in May 2007 but their relationship was turbulent, characterised by drug-fuelled binges and arrests.

Since her death he has appeared on TV to talk about the soul star, including his appearance last year on the Jeremy Kyle chat show, during which he described the first time he gave Amy heroin.

Fielder-Civil’s own mother recently described her son as Amy’s “drugs mule,” something he spoke about during the graveside interview.

“I feel responsible for her death,” he said. “There are lots of reasons why it’s taken me so long to visit. I was scared to come. Maybe she would not have done as many drugs over the years if she had not met me.”

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