Amnesty defends campaigns manager after retweet of Hamas account

Amnesty defends campaigns manager after retweet of Hamas account

Amnesty International
Amnesty International

Amnesty international has failed to condemn its campaigns manager over a series of social media posts including retweeting a message from Hamas.

The Israeli Embassy accused Kristyan Benedict of “exploiting the horrible murder of Ali Dawabsha in order to incite against Israel” following a series of social media posts after the killing of the 18-month-old in an arson attack blamed on settlers.

Kristyan Benedict 1
The tweet in question

Benedict wrote: “Palestinian baby burned to death in settler attack. They see their government getting away with murder every day.” He later retweeted a post from Hamas related to “Israel’s war crimes”.

Amnesty pledged to look into the issue. But in defending him, UK’s Head Of Priority Campaigns Fionna Smyth said today: “Our work is focused on exposing human rights violations by all parties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and in working toward justice and accountability.

“Kristyan Benedict’s tweet concerning an Amnesty report on Rafah clearly conveyed a message about the need for justice and accountability, including through the International Criminal Court. Kristyan’s tweet on the dreadful killing of 18-month-old Ali Saad Dawabsha referred to a past history of a lack of accountability over so-called “Price Tag” attacks and settler violence in the West Bank.
Saying they had published a report condemning indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israel last summer, she added: “We condemn human rights abuses committed by all parties, whether Hamas, by other armed Palestinian groups, or indeed Israeli forces.”
In the original complaint, deputy ambassador Eitan Na’eh said: “It reflects extremely unprofessional conduct, which has direct bearing on Amnesty’s credibility as an international human rights organisation.”

Benedict previously provoked anger by using a Twitter hashtag that compared Israel to IS.


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