Alastair Campbell dealt with faster than Shoah denier, MP Jess Phillips says

Alastair Campbell dealt with faster than Shoah denier, MP Jess Phillips says

MP for Birmingham Yardley took to social media after the former Labour spin doctor was expelled from the party

Jess Phillips
Jess Phillips

A Labour MP has revealed that former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell was dealt with more quickly than a suspended Shoah denier in her constituency.

Jess Phillips, the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, said that a local Labour member was merely suspended for denying the Holocaust in an email.

This comes after Campbell was expelled for revealing that he voted for the Liberal Democrats in the European election during the BBC’s broadcast on Sunday.

After his expulsion, Campbell said he will “always be Labour” but voted for the Liberal Democrats to persuade Labour to change their policy on Brexit.

“In light of appeal, I won’t be doing media on this. But hard not to point out difference in the way antisemitism cases have been handled,” he wrote.

Phillips took to social media to echo Campbell’s criticism of the party’s complaints team and suggested serious cases were dealt with at a slower pace.

“[Campbell] was expelled quicker than a man who threatened to kill me, quicker than a man in my CLP who denied the Holocaust, both are only still suspended,” she wrote on Twitter.

She added: “Well he threatened it on twitter and police are involved.

“So just as much evidence as Alistair oh and the Holocaust was on an email directly from him.”

Labour has been contacted for comment.

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