Acting paw-sitively! £90,000 raised for Israeli guide dog charity

Acting paw-sitively! £90,000 raised for Israeli guide dog charity

Maisie and Ruby, the Dachshunds, on Lancing beach.
Maisie and Ruby, the Dachshunds

Dedicated dog lovers have helped raise £90,000 for a guide dog charity based in Israel with the launch of a “doggy album”.

Proud owners from across north London, America and France contributed to the glossy 76-page album of beloved furry friends, which will help provide three guide dogs and a transporter vehicle for the Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind in Tel Aviv.

A puppy at the Israeli Guide Dog Centre in Tel Aviv

The album was created by Patsy Bloom, founder of Pet Plan, who said the response to her idea was “just wonderful”.

She added: “I wanted to do something that would raise money in a nice way. I thought it would be great fun to put together a doggy album, because it’s never been done.

“I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the response and the end product is gorgeous. “What’s really interesting is how the Jewish community just love their dogs – perhaps almost as much as they love their grandchildren!”doggy3

The album was complemented by a fundraising bridge lunch last month, sponsorship and donations.

The Israel Guide Dog Centre was founded in 1991 and helps more than 27,000 blind and visually-impaired people currently living in Israel.

It costs £25,000 to train and raise a guide dog, which have an expected working span of between six and eight years.doggy1

Martin Segal, executive director of the British Friends of the Israel Guide Dog Centre, said: “Our motto is ‘transforming lives, one dog at a time’.

Thanks to the £90,000 raised, three blind people in Israel will now benefit for the next few years from the help of a guide dog.”


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