70-year old woman stabbed at Jerusalem bus station

70-year old woman stabbed at Jerusalem bus station

Stephen is the Jewish News' Foreign Editor

Israeli Special Forces enter the bus station, looking for a possible second terrorist

by Stephen Oryszczuk

A 70-year old Jewish lady was stabbed and injured outside Jerusalem’s central bus station on Wednesday night, in the latest attack on an Israeli. 

One alleged assailant was shot and killed and the area closed off, as dramatic footage emerged of Israeli Special Forces entering the station in search of a second attacker. 

There were reports that two bystanders had been wounded by gunfire. One man was shot in the foot and taken to a hospital, and a tourist was lightly wounded. Earlier in the day, there was an attempted stabbing at the Damascus Gate in the Old City.

It was the second such attack in three hours. In the other incident, a police officer was lightly wounded, as the capital stayed braced for further slayings. Concrete blocks were laid to cut access into and out of the Jabel Mukaber district of Jerusalem, where several attackers lived.

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