The 100 second interview: celebrating Jewish centenarians

The 100 second interview: celebrating Jewish centenarians

Maud Now - Picture: Jamie Nessim
Maud Now - Picture: Jamie Nessim

In association with Jewish Care, our new monthly feature puts a 100 second spotlight on our community’s centenarians.

Maud Now - Picture: Jamie Nessim
Maud Now – Picture: Jamie Nessim

Name: Rachel Maud Soskolne

Born: 31.07.1914

Birth place: Johannesburg

• Please tell us where you grew up and where you now live?

I’ve lived at Jewish Care’s Clore Manor in Hendon for the past four years and in Redbridge for 14 years, having moved here from South Africa.

• Are you married and do you have children and grandchildren?

I was married to Isaac for 60 years and we had two children. I have six grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren who keep me occupied.

• Tell us about your career…

I worked in my husband’s butcher shop in Krugersdorp, South Africa, for about 30 years. I was also very good at making clothes for my children so was always knitting and sowing something new for them. And I loved to bake when I was younger. The children tell me they remember all the big cream teas I used to make for them.

• Can you share your happiest memory with us? 

Having my children.

• What do you consider your proudest achievement?

Living to be 100!

• If you were granted one wish that would come true in your lifetime, what would it be? 

No more war.

• If you could live your life all over again, would you do anything differently?

Yes, I would do some things differently. But, mostly, you move on.

• Do today’s young people have it easy compared to when you were growing up?

Yes, because young people have everything done for them.

• If you could offer one piece of advice to today’s youngsters, what would it be?

Save your pennies.

Maud then

• Are the elderly given the respect they deserve in Britain today?

Definitely not.

• What national or international news story had the greatest impact on you over the years?

The outbreak of World War Two. It was scary.

• The secret for a long life is…

Say what you feel and, if, you’re unhappy, say something.