Zionist plan to assassinate Churchill after WW2 revealed

Zionist plan to assassinate Churchill after WW2 revealed

A secret Zionist plot to kill the British prime minister was unveiled this week as MI5 records revealed the ambitions of Jewish terrorists after World War Two.

A telegram dated February 1946 outlined the plot to target “His Majesty’s ministers”.

War hero Winston Churchill and Labour’s Ernest Bevin were among the ministers targeted by Lehi, a terrorist group also known as the Stern Gang after its leader Avraham Stern.

Records released on Friday from the National Archive at Kew shows Jewish terrorists as a top threat to British national security in the post-war years.

Among the tranche of de-classified documents was a telegram dated February 1946 outlining the plot to target “His Majesty’s ministers”.

It also lists targets including leading British figures such as Field Marshal Montgomery and Hugh Trevor-Roper as well as Jews who had been willing to participate in the 1946 London Conference on the future of Palestine.

“The main terrorist threat faced by MI5 in the aftermath of the war came not from the IRA or Islamist extremists but from the Zionist extremists,” said official MI5 biographer Prof. Christopher Andrew.

The main threats came from Irgun, led by the future Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin, and the Stern Gang, “the last terrorist group which actually described itself as terrorist”.

In 1946 Irgun blew up the HQ of the British administration in Palestine, the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, with heavy loss of life. It then destroyed most of the British embassy in Rome.

The latest declassified records include records of the 1947 operation, when a female Stern Gang bomber nearly blew up the Colonial Office on Whitehall but failed to fuse her bomb correctly.

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