Young Voices! Tour can be the perfect tonic

Young Voices! Tour can be the perfect tonic

This week's Young Voices comes from RSY-Netzer's Natasha Shaw

June is hands-down the worst time of the year, according to a great many RSY-Netzer members.

As May draws to a close and June brings in summer, most of us are excited to welcome the warm weather.

For many members of RSY-Netzer, however, June means just one thing: exams.

Study leave can be boring, exhausting and stressful, but in the midst of cramming frenzies and library sessions, RSY-Netzer members are prepping for more than AQA boards and dissertation deadlines. They are also getting geared up for their summer on RSY-Netzer events.

For our 16-year-old participants going through GCSEs, the end of exam season is in sight and with it comes the excitement of Israel Tour.

Having the chance to walk out of your final exam and into the airport only a few weeks later is exhilarating. And that is only the start, as there’s still three-and-a-half weeks in Israel to enjoy.

Every day on Israel Tour is jam-packed with different sites and encounters.

From hiking through the beautiful Galil region to visiting social-action projects and diving in to the Mediterranean, Israel Tour offers a wealth of diverse experiences.

It is the perfect way to relax after a pesky study leave.

Throughout Israel Tour, our participants will have the chance to think about their relationship with Israel and what it means to be a Reform Zionist, exploring and connecting with beautiful places and wonderful experiences along the way.

Many of our members view Israel Tour as a formative experience, bringing time away from home and the chance to develop personal values and a Jewish identity.

• Natasha Shaw is a movement worker for RSY-Netzer

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